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    A Dream Of Fairies - Harpers-1870A Fishermans Mate - harp-1887A Flight For The Countess Royal - Scribners-1910A Frontier Fight - Harp-1895A Love Song - harp-1887A Native Publishing House In India - harp-1887A Pilgrm in the Gila - Harp-1895A Printed Book - harp-1887A Santa Barbara Holiday - harp-1887African Game Trails - Scribners-1910All In A Days Run - Scribners-1910An Anachronism - Scribners-1910Annie Touseys Little Game - Harp-1895At the Sign of the Balsam Bough - Harp-1895Bear Chasing in the Rocky Mountains - Harp-1895Bluebird And Cardinal - Scribners-1910Bobbo - Harp-1895Brush oc-pioneer The Evolution of the Cow-Puncher - Harp-1895Buccaneers And Marooners Of The Spanish Main - harp-1887By Order of the King - HugoCadet Life At West Point - harp-1887Chantilly - harp-1887Charles Keene As An Etcher - scribners-1904Chow Everyday Scenes in China - Harp-1895City Of Buffalo - PicturesqueCity Of Cleaveland - PicturesqueCity Of Providence From Prospect Hill - PicturesqueCracker Cowboys of Florida - Harp-1895Cunmberland Gap - PicturesqueDelaware Water Gap - PicturesqueEarly Spring Some Imaginative Types in American Art - Harp-1895Everyday Scenes in China - Harp-1895First Impressions of Literary New York - Harp-1895Giverny - scribners-1904Golden Gate From Telegraph Hill - PicturesqueGolf on Horseback - Harp-1895Harper Ferry By Moonlight - PicturesqueHearts Insurgent - Harp-1895Her Compelling Eyes - Scribners-1910Here And There In The South - harp-1887Hernani - HugoHindoo and Moslem - Harp-1895Home Sketches - scribners-1904In the Garden of China - Harp-1895Indian Rock Narragansett - PicturesqueJohn S Sargent - harp-1887Jottings And Journeyings In Spain - Harpers-1870Lake Superior Entrance To Baptism Bay - PicturesqueLes Miseraables part 2 - HugoLove Song - harp-1887Malbone And His Miniatures - Scribners-1910Men and Wwomen and Horses - Harp-1895Mirror Lake Yosemite Valley - PicturesqueMoll And Virgil - harp-1887Mount Desert Coast Of Maine - PicturesqueMount Hood From The Columbia - PicturesqueMount Shasta - PicturesqueMusic And Life - scribners-1904New Orleans - PicturesqueNiagara - PicturesqueNotes on Indian Art - Harp-1895Notre Dame - HugoOn Keeping Birds - harp-1887On The Coast Of Florida - PicturesqueOn The Honor Of A Man - scribners-1904On The Trail Of A Go-Cart - scribners-1904Out of the World at Corinto - Harp-1895Panama - scribners-1904Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc - Harp-1895Phillada - harp-1887Play Going In London - scribners-1904Princess Thu-Thurs Half-Holiday - Scribners-1910Private Morphys Romance - scribners-1904Queen Victorias Highland Home - Harp-1895Ravenna And Its Mosaics - harp-1887Recent Impressions of Anglo-Indian Life - Harp-1895Rest Harrow - Scribners-1910Richmond From The James - PicturesqueRiding In New York - harp-1887Rome in Africa - Harp-1895Roundabout to Boston - Harp-1895Ruy Blas - HugoSalvini - scribners-1904Some Gardens In Spain - scribners-1904Some Imaginative Types in American Art - Harp-1895Steven Wycherlie - harp-1887The Angel Of Lonesome Hill - Scribners-1910The Architecture Of The St Louis Fair - scribners-1904The Camp Of The Good Fairy - scribners-1904The Candid Friend - Scribners-1910The Cat And The Painter - scribners-1904The Chickahominy - PicturesqueThe City Of Detroit - PicturesqueThe Comedies of Shakespeare - Harp-1895The Daughter Of Shining Woods - Scribners-1910The Eagles Of The Harbor - scribners-1904The Evolution of the Cow-Puncher - Harp-1895The Evolution of the CowPuncher - Harp-1895The German Struggle for Liberty - Harp-1895The Goddess - Scribners-1910The Grand Prix and other Prizes - Harp-1895The Hermit Of Bubbling Water - Scribners-1910The Highlands Of The Neversink - PicturesqueThe History of a Crime - HugoThe Irish Party - harp-1887The Kangaroos - scribners-1904The Kentucky Pioneers - harp-1887The Kings Diversion - HugoThe Luck Of Smalley - scribners-1904The Mount Washington Rad - PicturesqueThe Mouse And The Lion - scribners-1904The Natives Of Siberia - harp-1887The Neighborhood Of The International Park - harp-1887The Ocean Steamer - Harpers-1870The Return - Scribners-1910The Return From Gettysburg - Scribners-1910The River Duddon - harp-1887The Route Of The Wild Irishman - harp-1887The Search For The Western Sea - scribners-1904The Seven Studious Sisters - scribners-1904The Smallest Of American Republics - harp-1887The Smokey Mountains North Carolina - PicturesqueThe Soldier Of The Valley - scribners-1904The South American Yankee - harp-1887The Undercurrent - scribners-1904The Unprepared - scribners-1904The Upper Yellowstone Falls - PicturesqueThe Use Of It - scribners-1904The Voudois - Harpers-1870The War Of 1812 - scribners-1904Three Gringos in Central America - Harp-1895Through The Wheat - Harpers-1870To Him - scribners-1904Tony The Maid - harp-1887Varicks Lady Of Dreams - scribners-1904What the Madre Would Not Have - Harp-1895When Papadoff Crossed The Frontier - scribners-1904Young Mens Christian Association - Harpers-1870
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